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Enhance your Joomla experience with an always-on AI assistant

chatGPT is now widely used around the world, including by many Joomla website developers and content creators. The underlying technology is accessible through an API, allowing us to build tools based on it.

While using chatGPT on its website is simple, it has limitations when it comes to managing your Joomla website content, and integrating with Joomla in general. Just asking it to write a blog post is nice, but AI can do so much more for us.

That's why I created an extension that provides real assistance to Joomla site owners and integrators, harnessing the power of AI for creating, processing, and transforming content.

In this talk, we will explore how 4AI can enhance your site content and streamline the creation and management process.

We will also demonstrate the image creation and modification feature recently added to 4AI.