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The Hosting Quo & How to Break Free From Your Hosting Provider in 2023

1. How has the hosting industry been operating since it was born

- No freedom – tied to the software/features available with a specific provider only

- No multi-cloud options – tied to the infrastructure/servers of one provider only

- No green hosting options with most hosting providers

- Why freedom is important and the advantages of having options to choose and build your hosting solution from scratch (select cloud providers, select software, select management)


2. Top web hosting industry trends

- Multi-cloud hosting

- Green web hosting

- Fewer data centers (traditional data centers are decreasing as people move to cloud)

- Managed web hosting services

- Speed and security (importance of Core Web Vitals, site optimization for speed, usability. Security – HTTPs as the norm, every important/growing website on its own server)


3. The next step in the hosting evolution - true freedom, control and flexibility.

- Users voice will lead the transformation of the industry (total democracy as we did with allowing users to build SPanel by voting)

- From regional hosting providers to global all-in-one SaS hosting solutions