How to make Joomla 4 easier for your customers

Joomla 4 is a great stable and flexible CMS with a lot of functionality. Though for some people Joomla has too many options. How can you make Joomla 4 easier for your customers? By only showing what they need!

A fictional Marketing Department of your fictional Customer "Initech" wants to maintain their News and Landing Pages. However, they are a bit overwhelmed with all the options and fields in the Joomla 4 back-end. How to optimize the Joomla 4 back-end by customizing it for that Department?

Peter will tell you how to make a Joomla 4 easier for your Customers. And he will do a live demo with configuring Joomla 4 for that Marketing Department by customizing 4 areas:

  • Users (Group + Viewing Access Level)
  • Menus
  • Dashboard
  • Content > Articles > Edit using "d2 Profiles"

d2 Profiles is a commercial innovative Extension to make it easier to work with Joomla 4. It allows you to change the default Joomla Edit Forms (Tabs, Fields and Custom Fields), thus only showing the Fields that are important for a User Group and/or Category.