Custom Fields in Joomla - the classical way and a new way


The Custom Fields were introduced in Joomla with version 3.7.

It was a real game changer!

Although it has now been available for a couple of years, many Joomlers -even experienced users- have never really tried them or even realized how powerful they are.

The goal of this workshop is double:

1. We will show a few examples of what can be achieved with Custom Fields (recipes, books, conferences, maps, ...)

2. Step by step we will explain how to setup Custom Fields to enrich the articles of a website 

With Joomla 4, Custom Fields are even improved with the possibility to have the so-called 'repeatable fields'.

So this is definitely the right moment to master Custom Fields if you are not acquainted yet.

Last but not least, we will end up our session with a new (and much easier) way of creating views for your Articles... including Custom Fields. Hint: don't miss Johan Janssens' session about JoomlaTools Pages)