Building a Joomla site with Joomlatools Pages


Joomlatools Pages is an easy to use page generator for Joomla inspired by the ideas and concepts of flat-file CMS systems and static site generators. Make no mistake Pages is not a static site generator (SSG), Pages works in a dynamic, lazy and smart way.  A page is dynamically generated, cached and only re-generated when its content or layout has changed.

Created by Joomla co-founder Johan Janssens Pages makes developing Joomla sites easy and fun. It gives you total control over your data and your layouts, with near zero additional extensions, and provides massive speed gains out of the box. Sounds too good to be true? This presentation will show you how.

We will build a simple Joomla site with a frontpage, a blog and a contact form in 40min and show you how Pages can:

  • Render articles with custom layouts and using custom fields without needing a CCK extension
  • Create modules on the fly and display it anywhere without needing Modules Anywhere
  • Create search engine optimised URL's without needing a SEF extension
  • Receive form submissions without needing a form extension

To top it off we will show how Pages makes the site lightning fast with the flip of switch.

If you like to get started already, check out Pages on Github and read the Pages release announcement, for questions jump on to the community forums.