Build Your Own Joomla! Template


Although there are many great page builders out there that can help you to rapidly build a beautiful website, building a bespoke Joomla! template is not so difficult.  Once I learned this I realised that it was almost as quick to build a template in this way, but without the bloat. 

When you attend this talk I will show you how to create a totally bespoke template from scratch.  I’ll show you how to create module positions, add CSS and JavaScript and explain how the templating system works. I knowing and understanding this you will learn a little bit more about Joomla! and possibly also yourself.

I’ll use a GitHub repository to show my work and this will mean you can code along too if you would like to. 

I’ll show:

  • A real world application of the knowledge
  • How to include Bootstrap or any other framework
  • and how to use SCSS within your files without needing to know much about coding
  • How to build the menu structure (easily)

I look forward to you joining me, please share this talk so I can get as many viewers as possible and help Joomla! to become more accessible to all.

Click here to see the website we will build.

The template is now built and installs in both Joomla! 3 and in Joomla! 4.  It's not tested very much in the real world in J4 but it installs.