Akeeba banner: go beyond the backup


Akeeba has been releasing innovative software for Joomla since 2006. We believe in crafting quality software, with a special focus on security and an eye towards the future. We are a developer-run company, doing all development and support in-house. We give back to the community by publishing free extensions and contributing our innovations back to Joomla — such as control panel quick icons, Joomla Update, Multi-factor Authentication, WebAuthn and many more.

Our flagship software, Akeeba Backup, is the golden standard for backing up, transferring, and delivering Joomla sites — and the top-rated extension in the Joomla Extensions Directory for well over a decade.

Admin offers a thorough approach to web site protection creating a security-focused web server configuration file (e.g. .htaccess), having a web application firewall evaluating the intent of every request to your site, and giving you a PHP file scanner which detects changes and assesses the risk of every .php file on your site.

Akeeba Ticket System is a simple yet powerful, flexible, and extensible helpdesk component for Joomla which, among other things, can both send and receive emails.

We publish many free-of-charge extensions as well. Akeeba Engage lets users submit comments to Joomla core articles. SocialLogin lets users create accounts and login with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more.


Find all that and more at akeeba.com.