Robin Clapp

Alt text: “Robin Clapp, a middle aged white women with long messy blond hair, who has been designing websites in Joomla for 15+ years, and has a Joomla 3.x Certification.”

Be sure to check out my presentation on "Making Websites Accessible for Every Ability"

I am presenting

  • Website Accessibility allows access to a broad audience through a solid design. How to create beautiful, functional, accessible websites.

    Do we have a good understanding of the many ways in which website visitors are accessing our websites? This is the first step.

    Let’s close the gap using good design procedures. There is no push button solution - only a greater understanding and guidelines to follow.

    I will be discussing some basic and beginner steps that can get you started down the path and hopefully encourage you to continue. I will introduce some resources and community groups to engage in to leverage the knowledge of others as well as share your own. Let’s do this together.

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