Sakis Terzis

In 2005, i started working as an enterprise applications programmer, using object oriented languages such as C++. Though it was the time of the internet boom. Many businesses were asking for an online presence, which forced most of my team members (me including) to work on web development projects. Gradually we built our own CMS to automate most of the stuff we were doing, though nobody had an idea of what a CMS was.

I discovered Joomla! by luck in a meaningless Google search, about web design issues. It was an exciting moment which i still remember. All the things we were painfully developing for weeks and months were there and working. Also there was a very vibrant community full of excitment.

Later, in 2008 i developed my first Joomla! extension for Virtuemart which was mighty at that time. It got great reception and used for years in thousands of e-shops. Then several extensions followed up, most of which were broadly used. Later i also started developing php applications and extensions for Magento 2. Most of which were related to search and filtering functionalities.

The preparation of Joomla! 4, the changes in it's code and it's features, made me consider founding a new brand, which will take advantage of them. That was the reason i founded BlueCoder in 2021 and offer extensions of the highest possible quality that fill the missing bricks of Joomla!.

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