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Session 1 - Oh La La!

We know Joomla is powerful for building multilingual websites, but actually building one (or working on one) can seem as much a challenge as learning a second (or third or fourth) language. Stefan Gagner will give us an overview and introduce us to the basics of what makes up a Joomla site. with more than one language.

Session 2 - Vinnys Heros

Four years ago, Vinny Hebert created the site. To date it has had over 740,000 episode plays. In this presentation Vinny will reveal some of the hero extensions he relied upon to build this popular and successful website.

Session 3 - Mauled No More

Do you get mauled by poor internet and/or power outages when you are trying to work on your project(s)? In this presentation Troy Hall will introduce us to, and demonstrate, "Bearsampp" - a powerful tool for working on Joomla sites locally on your computer.

Session 4 - Sunsetting Joomlers

The sun setting on Joomla 3 has all of our attention, but there is another sunset we need to keep our eyes on: our own. Join Joe Sonne and Tim Davis for a discussion from their perspective as "later years" Joomlers with desire for a better balance between Joomla and real life.  



Session 1 - "Unlock the Power of Joomla Multilingual Websites"

Building a website in a language you're not familiar with can feel like a daunting task. But fear not! In this session, Stefan Gagner will show you the ropes and teach you how to create a multilingual Joomla website with ease. You'll leave feeling confident and ready to take on any multilingual website project!

Session 2 - " A Superhero Story"

What does it take to build a successful website with over 740,000 episode plays? Join Vinnie Hebert as he shares his top Joomla extensions that helped him create the popular site Learn from the hero himself and take your own Joomla site to new heights!

Session 3 - "Say Goodbye to Internet and Power Outages with Bearsampp"

Don't let internet and power outages slow down your Joomla site building progress. Troy Hall has a solution for you! In this session, he'll introduce you to Bearsampp, a powerful tool that allows you to work on Joomla sites offline from your own computer. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to productivity!

Session 4 - "Joomlers: Balancing Joomla and Real Life"

As Joomla 3 approaches its sunset, it's time to reflect not only on the platform but also on our own lives. Join Joe Sonne and Tim Davis as they share their experiences as "later years" Joomlers and discuss how to achieve a better balance between Joomla and real life. Don't miss this insightful and thought-provoking session!