Session type: Development
Session start: 2021-04-24 15:00
Session end: 2021-04-24 16:00
Short description:

How to build a bespoke Joomla template. Learn skills to design any website from scratch; understand styles and design considerations.

Build Your Own Joomla! Template

Start: 24 April 2021 3:00pm EDT (19:00 UTC) - End: 24 April 2021 4:00pm EDT (20:00 UTC)

Although there are many great page builders out there that can help you to rapidly build a beautiful website, building a bespoke Joomla! template is not so difficult.  Once I learned this I realised that it was almost as quick to build a template in this way, but without the bloat. 

When you attend this talk I will show you how to create a totally bespoke template from scratch.  I’ll show you how to create module positions, add CSS and JavaScript and explain how the templating system works. I knowing and understanding this you will learn a little bit more about Joomla! and possibly also yourself.

I’ll use a GitHub repository to show my work and this will mean you can code along too if you would like to.  I’ll show:

  • A real world application of the knowledge
  • How to include Bootstrap or any other framework
  • and how to use SCSS within your files without needing to know much about coding

I look forward to you joining me, please share this talk so I can get as many viewers as possible and help Joomla! to become more accessible to all.

Click here is the website we will build.