Mike Kritzer

Mike Kritzer, a web developer and graphic artist, brings years of experience as a creative artist and a technician to his work.

Mike has a keen understanding of both visual design and the power of cutting-edge software. His creative eye for design as a communication’s tool allows him to create sites that are eye-catching, streamlined and user-friendly, while still paying attention to the smallest of details.

Mike is equally adept at creating communication portals and brand identities as he is at designing multi-media presentations, print materials and building comprehensive web sites. In addition, Mike constantly keeps abreast of the latest technologies so his designs and web sites are state-of-the-art while maintaining the constantly evolving web standards.

“As an artist, I understand the importance of visual impact and how to accurately and consistently reflect and strengthen that message in all digital forms of communications,” Mike says. A native of Los Angeles, Mike is a 2000 graduate of ORT Technical Institute in Los Angeles with a degree in Graphic Design.


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