Randy Carey

Having worked with Joomla since 2009, Randy has developed a niche of creating custom web solutions leveraging Joomla.  He is always thinking “what if” and experimenting with new ideas.  

Randy believes Joomla's best opportunities lies beyond the do-it-yourselfer market.  There are plenty of CMSs for the low end projects, but the better paying clients have challenging issues and are looking for solution providers who can deliver.  Joomla integrates access control and multi-language features, and its emphasis on "extension" allows advanced custom development.  In hands of a professional web developer, Joomla is a professional CMS.

Shifting into "semi-retirement" (whatever that means), Randy balances his schedule with a mix of selective client work and personal projects/research.

I am presenting

  • When a client asks for more than what a third-party extension can do, don’t disappoint your client. This session will show an approach to add custom features to third-party components responsibly without hacking code. 

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