Patrick Jackson

Back in the early days of CMS's emerging, I checked out as many as I could before finding one called Mambo, and finding it the easiest to get my head around. Shortly after, the project forked and a thing called Joomla! emerged.

Since then I've made it my niche, building my web design business up from a handful of static html sites to now being involved in building, hosting or consulting on over 200 Joomla sites since 2007.

Having helped found the Melbourne Joomla User Group in 2008, I've been actively part of the Joomla Australia community, contributing to JUGs & attending many JoomlaDay Australia events over the years.

In returning to the project after a hiatus for parenting, 2020 was busy: You may have seen some of my Joomla Community Magazine articles. I'm behind the scenes helping with the Joomla Bugs & Fun @ Home activities, and it's there I've been honing my development knowledge, learning skills relating to Joomla Patch Testing, how to use GitHub, contributing to translations and documentation, and looking forward to the upcoming release of Joomla 4. In February 2021, I was elected Team Leader for the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested in getting involved with any aspect of Joomla.

Professionally, my Melbourne based Joomla consultancy, KPS, are moving to specialise in managed Joomla hosting and support, as well as delivering services to small business to assist them optimising their online and virtual profiles, especially in light of the new normal we'll see once the world recovers from COVID-19.

I am presenting

  • Joomla! is built by a community of volunteers around the world. They're known as Joomlers!

    From coding and testing, to documentation and translation, right through to marketing and management, Joomla has many ways you can get involved in helping with the project.

    Patrick Jackson is team leader of the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team, and in this session he will be outlining many ways you can become a Joomler, whether you have an hour spare every so often, or are looking at having several hours a week available to participate.

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